Calibration Strips

We have just added these neat outhaul calibration strips for the 5 to 9 method used by the International Sailing Academy.  Whilst the video shows strips at the end of the boom, our strips are designed to be placed each side of the middle of the boom as they are much easier to see there (or at the front of the boom is you are using a front of boom outhaul system).  To position the calibration strips correctly, rig your boat and make a mark on the top of the boom exactly 7 inches (178mm) from the end of the boom.  Set your outhaul so that the tip of the sail is at the 7 inch mark.  Decide what you are going to use as your reference point (I use the end of the outhaul primary line where it meets the block), and put your sticker on the boom with the ‘7’ aligned to your reference point.  Each sticker is different – ensure that the 5 is at the front of the boom and 9 is at the rear of the boom on each side.

Outhaul Calibration Strips
Outhaul Calibration Strips
Outhaul Calibration Strips - 2 strips - one for each side of the boom.

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