Tax Free Sales to the European Union

On the 31st December 2020 the transitional period after leaving the European Union ended and the United Kingdom left the single market/customs union. Until 1 July 2021, sales to the European Union are free of the 20% Value Added Tax (VAT) that is within our web pricing, BUT please note you may be liable for taxes/duties when your package reaches your country (this will vary from country to country and order value). On the 1st July 2021 the EU will implement a new system for web-shops such as Southeast Sailboats to add the appropriate VAT for the destination EU country to enable rapid delivery to customers.

If your delivery address is outside of the United Kingdom when you place a web order you will receive a tax refund via PayPal.  This is the simplest and quickest way of placing orders.

For larger orders you can email us your order (or take a screenshot of your shopping basket) and we can send you a tax free invoice for payment in Euros either via PayPal, Transferwise or via bank transfer to our Euro bank account.  We use the spot rate for converting our tax free UK£ prices to Euro helping you avoid currency exchange rate conversion fees. 

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