PLEASE NOTE: Southeast Sailboats is closed from 13-23 April.Southeast Sailboats will be competing at the Spanish EuroMasters event. 

Orders placed will be shipped commencing
the 24th April.

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Chartering? What to take with you...

Chartering an ILCA for your next event and unsure what you need to take?  I have put together the following to help remind you what you may need to take.  Charter boats may come with more than we are assuming, but in recent years what comes on/with your charter boat seems to be reducing so we have erred on the cautious side.  Let’s start with the obvious and then move bow to stern over all the smaller bits that you may forget to pack, and finish up with a few spares that you should consider.

OK, let’s start with the obvious items:

  • Sail and batten set.
  • Tiller and tiller extension.
  • Kicker/vang, downhaul and outhaul systems, not forgetting you clew block, clew strap and bungee.
  • Centreboard and rudder blade/stock (although these are normally included in a charter in Europe)


Bow to Stern Checklist:


Spares Box

On top of all the above it’s a good idea to have a spares box with some of the ‘little parts’ that can get lost during an event. Here is a list of things that you may want to consider – even if you don’t use them, for sure someone will ask “have you possibly got a …?”


So, that’ it.  You can find all the above on the Southeast Sailboats website.  If you think I have missed anything please let me know and I will add it to the list.