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Outhaul Primary Lines - for Normal and Quick Release Systems

Primary lines made from 3mm D12 SK78 Dyneema available in a multitude of versions and colours.

Start by choosing the type of outhaul system you want the primary line for - a normal system (where one end it attached to the boom end plastic eye), or the 'quick release' system which has the large loop that hooks over the end of the boom.

Select 'loop at both ends' verion if you are going to attach it to one of the older metal blocks, or single ended if you are going to tie it onto one of the newer 'soft attach' blocks.

Use the drop down options to select it you want it middle boom length or front of boom length. Select the colour that you want. Finally, select the rig that you want it matched to.

Finally, you can also choose a range of system options such as having a 'double puller' toggle spliced into the primary line, or a wide range of Harken, Allen and Ronstan blocks spliced onto your line.

Outhaul Primary Line Add-Ons

When you order one of the primary lines above you can add any of the following options. These options are only available when you order a primary line.

Choose from the 'double puller' dogbone with or without the elastic. You can also have a wide range of blocks from Harken, Allen and Ronstan spliced onto your primary line.

Outhaul Secondary Lines

Secondary control lines made with an SK78 Dyneema core and a polyester or Technora®/Polyester cover. If you want more information on our secondary lines and how to select which is best for you read our article on selecting secondary lines. An optional spliced loop is available on one end of the line for easy and secure attachment of blocks.  Sealed ends are available as an option (both ends are stitched and a protective heatshrink sleeving glued in place giving a very clean finish to the ends that both prevents fraying and separation of the cover from the core). We offer a number of different lengths dependent on the system configuration (middle or front of boom) and handle type that you use.