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A wide range of complete ready to fit kicker systems, all of which are custom made to your requirements, based around either the well known Harken or the new Ronstan lower assembly. In addition to the basic Harken 466 top block we have systems using the newer free-running high load top and middle blocks that make it easier to pull the kicker/vang on.

Confused by all the possible systems? Have a look at our Systems Guide which help your understand them in a simple step by step way.

System options (at the bottom of the page) are available to order the removal of one purchase, and to change the centre block type.

Normal Systems

Systems using the standard Harken 466 top block. Select the SK78 assembly for a wide choice of primary and secondary line colours. The SK99/Technora system has a slighly thicker SK99 grey primary line and harder wearing Technora secondary lines.

Systems using High Load Blocks

Complete high end systems based around either the Harken or new Ronstan lower assemblies.

These systems come with a choice of high load top blocks, or high load top and middle blocks from Allen, Ronstan and Ronstan:

Allen: Southeast Sailboats asked Allen if they would manufacture a custom version of their 2030 Extreme High Load block so that the kicker key could be attached to the block without using a loop/shackle. Featuring Allen patented dynamic bearing technology with CNC machined aluminium side cheeks and a precision turned stainless steel sheave this 30mm block makes a significant difference to the free running of the kicker making it easier to pull on. Checkout what Southeast Sailboats sponsored sailor, multiple world champion and Olympic coach Jon Emmett has to say about this amazing block. Plus, building on the success of the XHL, released in March 2022 the new TiiTAN block features titanium sheave and ceramic bearings for improved performance and reduced weight.  The latest development are the new Allen 20mm high load double blocks. Southeast Sailboats asked Allen to produce these and following testing by Southeast Sailboats and our sponsored sailor Micky Beckett in late 2022 they are now available - they provide another incremental improvement to kicker/vang performance

Harken: Our Harken based solution uses a 29mm Fly block with Dyneema loop and shackle/key. The 29mm Fly block features a titanium sheave for strength/light weight, and our Dyneema loop has been strength tested at Marlow ropes to greater than 1000Kg. The kicker key is the newer/stronger type and the shackle screw is secured with Locktite – we leave nothing to chance. This is what Team GBR sailor Michael Beckett has to say about it…”The first time I used the Harken fly block, in place of the old typical wire block at the top of the vang, it was a distinct and welcome improvement. Attached to the vang key with a neat soft-attach and shackle it has no issues taking the load of the vang, whilst significantly reducing the friction in the system. The new block doesn’t look that different to the old, it really is just a simple case of making the vang much easier to pull on. I would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their control lines in any way, but particularly to any smaller sailors who feel like they ‘should’ be depowering more but struggle to pull enough vang on. Also, for anyone looking to change from a 15:1 to 12:1 system to help keep control lines tidy with less rope lying around; this block will really help.”

Ronstan:New from Ronstan are an integrated high load top block and a double high load middle block.

System Options

Options when you order one of the complete kicker/vang systems above. Take a purchase out of the system if you wish, or change the centre block type to the more traditional Harken 'Air' block.