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The widest range of clew blocks imaginable – so whether you use a clew hook, shackle or fixed block we have a solution based around blocks from Harken, Allen and Ronstan.

We also sell the blocks, Dyneema loops, shackles and hook individually.

We have grouped clew blocks by application:

Clew Blocks that are easily released from the sail using shackles or hooks. These are for use with normal outhaul systemswhere the clew block is the way of releasing the sail.

Clew blocks that are attached to the sail by a toggle or dogbone.This type clew block is normally used with our 'Quick Release' type of outhaul where the sail is released by slipping the large loop off the end of the boom. They can also be used with normal outhaul systems but can be difficult to attach/release.

Clew blocks that are 'permanently attached' to the sail by a spliced loop or soft shackle. This type clew block is for use with our 'Quick Release' type of outhaul where the sail is released by slipping the large loop off the end of the boom.

Easily Removeable Clew Blocks - for use with Normal Outhaul Systems

Clew blocks with an easy release mechanism - hook or shackle. The use of a hook or shackle is mainly down to personal preference, but we feel that the shackles are more secure. Both the Allen and Ronstan shackles have a 'click' secure lock so that you know by feel when they are properly locked. The Ronstan shackle has a large lever that makes it easier to use, particularly with cold fingers or gloves.

Detachable Clew Blocks - Best for 'Quick Release' Outhaul Systems

These clew blocks are ideally suited for use with the quick release outhaul system, and where you may want to move your clew block from one sail to another. The larger throat on the Harken 29mm blocks make threading the large primary line loop through much easier. Some sailors do use these clew blocks with a normal system, but it is not easy to attach/detach the block with a flapping sail!

Fixed Clew Blocks - For use with 'Quick Release' Outhaul Systems

Secure clew blocks with attachments that are an alternative to physically tying on a block. Whilst they can be removed, they are designed for 'semi-permanent' attachment to the sail, only being removed when you have stopped using that particular sail.

Clew Block Components

All the parts to make up your own clew block, particularly if you already have a block to use.