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Outhaul Elastics

We offer two types of outhaul elastic/inhaul bungees. The first is a normal elastic and clip designed to pull the clew of the sail back to a fixed point (normally the cleat on top of the boom). The second is our ‘double puller’ elastic – this unique design is amazingly effective – one part of the elastic pulls the clew of the sail inboard, whilst the other part of the elastic attaches to an anodized aluminium toggle by the floating outhaul block and pulls the control line back through the blocks/fairlead/cleat. You can order any of our outhaul systems or primary lines with the toggle spliced in.  Watch our short video to see how this works .  Both normal and double puller elastics are available for ILCA6/7  (Radial/Standard) and a shorter elastic for the ILCA4 rig.
Outhaul Elastic
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Outhaul Elastic from $6.20 USD
Outhaul Elastic - Double Puller Version
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Elastic Clip
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Elastic Clip $1.35 USD