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This version of our outhaul system is designed to use a traditional hook/block or shackle/block at the clew as the release mechanism, and is available with a choice of Harken, Ronstan and Allen blocks. If you are in any doubt as to which system/option is right for you please refer to our Ordering Guide page which will take you through the system types and options available.

There are three configurations of outhaul system based around where you want the 'floating' block to be. These configurations are 'top of boom' which is the most popular, 'side of boom' and 'front of boom'. Each has its own merits and if you are unclear which is best for you we suggest that you use 'top of boom'. This article explains more about the pros/cons of each type. All our systems are supplied with full colour installation instructions.

Start by selecting the block type for your outhaul system and use the drop down menus to select primary colour and secondary line type, colour and length. We now include Robline Polytech as a premium secondary line. Options are available further down this page to optimise your system for the ILCA4 (4.7) rig, and to complete your system by adding an elastic system (we recommend our double puller), clew strap and matching clew block if you don't already have one.

Top Of Boom

The most popular configuration as calibration is easily visible on both tacks.

Side of Boom

The side of boom configuration keeps the primary and elastic out of the way of the of the sail. Calibration only visible on one tack.