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Give your Laser a start of season makeover

The start of the season is a good time to take a few minutes to stop and look at what needs replacing before we get embroiled in the sailing season itself, and maybe what we could consider upgrading

Depending on how often you sail you may want to replace some of the ropes on your Laser at the start every season to ensure that they are good for the whole year.  So what do we need to look for?

The first thing to take a look at is control line and mainsheet rope wear – furring up of the outer is the first sign, and maybe the last, before the outer gives way – leaving just the core.  In particular, check where the control line is normally cleated when under maximum tension, and the area on the mainsheet around the ratchet block when close hauled.

The second thing to take a look at is traveller wear. This is harder to spot as the main wear point is where the traveller line passes through the eyes.  The newer metal eyes are particularly hard on the traveller. To inspect for signs of wear, loosen the traveller off so that you can move it a little and inspect where the line passes through the eyes.

Finally, take a look at your primary lines. In general these last longer even if they do look a bit faded, but should be inspected for wear.

Having looked at what needs replacing, consider what could be updated. The first upgrades to consider are to your control line systems using the latest types of blocks and rope. Sailing a Laser can be challenging and the last thing you need is it being made harder than it needs to be. In order of priority you need to have the best kicker, downhaul and finally outhaul systems that your budget can afford.  As a result, we offer the Harken kicker system and associated upgrades, and downhaul and outhaul systems using a range of Harken and Ronstan blocks.  All of our systems are made to order allowing you to customise your system to your specific requirements.