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Our new ‘Double Puller’ Outhaul Elastic System

We have just expanded our range to include a new ‘double puller’ outhaul elastic system. A lot of elastic systems just pull on the clew back to a central point (usually the boom top cleat). But the clew sliding along the boom is just a part. The other aspect is pulling the freed secondary control line back through the blocks, and cleat/fairlead. A ‘double puller’ system pulls both the sail clew and the secondary line and is amazingly effective – which is probably why they are popular amongst the top sailors who seem happy to have to tie their elastic for each race. The challenge was to make this type of system simple and easy to rig, and we think we have done just that. Team GBR sailor Michael Beckett has been trying it out and here is what he has to say..
“The reality of most Laser outhaul systems is that they don’t work – they are heavy to pull on upwind and then don’t ease off downwind in light winds. There are countless places to attach the two ends of the bungee ‘inhaul’, however you choose to attach the bungee it is essential that it doesn’t distort the foot of the sail on either tack.
One very smart solution with the outhaul bungee is to have one end attached at the cleat on the upper side of the boom, have the bungee loop around the bottom of the boom, go through the clew-eye and (here’s the clever bit) attach to the block at the forward end of the primary line. That all sounds complicated – but what it adds up to is having the bungee not only pulling the sail clew forwards but also slackening off the outhaul rope at the same time. What makes this so effective is that for every inch of outhaul you pull on, it stretches the elastic by about an inch and a half, so the tension increases exponentially. This treats both issues mentioned at the beginning – the outhaul is easier to pull on and will release more effectively. The only tricky part about this is that you have to attach the outhaul primary, secondary and bungee ends all onto one small 18mm block. I have been really impressed by the solution Southeast Sailboats produced to solve this – a small toggle spliced into the primary line that the end of bungee loops over. All in all it is a smart solution to make sailing a Laser that little bit more satisfying, enjoyable and effective”.

Our double puller system is available as a stand alone components – primary line/toggle/with or without block, the double puller elastic, or as an option to our ready to fit outhaul systems.