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US Masters Radial National Championship win

Southeast Sailboats customer Andrew Holdsworth recently won the US Masters Radial National Championship held at The Gorge in Oregan. This is what Andrew had to say about Southeast Sailboats…”Earlier this year I met Max from Southeast Sailboats at an International Sailing Academy Laser sailing camp in La Cruz Mexico. As we got to know each other he explained his business that makes up Laser control lines. This intrigued me as I never had achieved the perfect set of lines neither had the time of a teenager to experiment to get some. Anyway fast forward I ordered a couple of sets and was only to happy to assign the old control lines to the boat tie down or spares collection. Each control line system comes in its own bag with instructions, is pre cut to length, spliced to fit and basically ready to go. With this in mind I rigged everything up as per instructions and launched my boat out into San Francisco Bay for the famous Elvstrom Regatta.

I am happy the lines worked as promised and after getting wet and salty were less slippery on the hands just like all new ropes. I have used the ropes all season now in what seems like an endless series of 20+ knot regattas in locations up and down the Pacific Coast. No signs of wear, chafe or stretch yet so these lines will probably see out the season and Winter Training. My only advice is don’t throw the instructions away after install, The outhaul is a little bit of an intelligence test and the last thing you want to do is remember from first principals how to install 10 mins prior to launch”

Thanks Andrew, and also for the tip regarding the outhaul instruction sheet – I will add a note to the instructions saying ‘Please Keep’!!  For winter training in Mexico have a look at