Wear Protection

Traveller/Deck Wear Protection Pads

New from Southeast Sailboats is our traveller wear protector pads. Based on our own design concept these class legal traveller pads have been turned into reality by dinghy fittings company Allen.

Our protection pads are injection moulded for durability. They also feature three distinct features:

  • No overhang over the gunwhale that could otherwise get snagged. Our neat design clips into place and the traveller line itself ensures it can’t get dislodged.
  • Minimal 2mm thickness to keep the traveller and block as close as possible to the deck level whilst providing durable protection.
  • A smooth transition from deck level to ensure that the traveller block rides over the pad easily.

At just £14.95 per pair this is a great way to protect your boat. Class legal and available now for immediate delivery exclusively from Southeast Sailboats! For trade enquiries please e-mail us.

Traveller Deck Wear Protection Pads
Traveller Deck Wear Protection Pads
Prevent your deck being worn away with these durable protection pads. Class Legal. A great way to protect your boat. Price is for a set of port and starboard pads.

Mast Step Wear Protection
Mast Step Wear Protect Disk
Mast Step Wear Protect Disk
PROtect tapes Class Legal 65mm x 1mm thick UHMWPE disk. Helps to protect the bottom of the mast step from wear.
Mast Wear Strips
Mast Wear Strips
PROtect tapes Laser® Mast Wear Kit contains two strips of UHMWPE with acrylic adhesive on liner to be applied around the mast at the bottom and at the deck level to reduce the wear and tear of the gelcoat, and abrasion of the anodising on the mast itself.
Centreboard/Slot Protection
Centreboard Wear Protect Pad
Centreboard Wear Protect Pad
Class Legal 30mm x 30mm x 2mm thick medium density EVA foam self adhesive pad shaped for a good fit. Helps to protect the front of the centreboard case and keep the centreboard down.

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