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Massive congratulations to Micky Beckett on his 3rd consecutive win at the prestigious Princess Sofia regatta in Palma with a day to spare!  Just awesome...  Sponsored by Southeast Sailboats since 2016 Micky has been comprehensively testing control systems at the toughest championships and providing ideas for incremental improvements. Micky will represent Great Britain at the 2024 Olympics.


Photo credit: Sailing Energy

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We have a range of four travellers to choose from.  Why; what’s important; and which one is right for me?   

Firstly, why? – Because of performance and resultant price, we offer travellers that fit your budget and performance requirements.

Secondly, what’s important?  Low stretch – you want to be able to get your traveller tight and know that it won’t elongate under load, as any elongation can cause the traveller block to come inboard. Smoothness – you want minimum friction between the traveller line and the tiller.  Thickness – sufficient to mimimise stretch, but not too thick or the knot can hit the underside of the tiller.  Durability – we want our traveller to last and also be resistant to damage especially when sculling when the traveller line may rub over the transition between the tiller and tiller wear plate.

Let’s look at each of our travellers in detail from the most economic upwards:

5mm Dyneema Traveller – the ‘original’ one.  Up until we developed our high performance travellers this ‘simple’ 5mm Dyneema traveller was actually the traveller used by sailor such as Micky Beckett.  We chose the type of rope carefully as not all 5mm Dyneema cleats well.  Our one does and is the perfect traveller for club sailors upwards. Some of the top sailors use this traveller at world championships.

ZeroKink Traveller.  This has a Dyneema core and cover.  Hard wearing, round and smooth.  Cleats extremely well. Smooth over the tiller.

ProMAX-DURA:  Using a similar cover but a slightly better core than ZeroKink, this traveller is designed to offer exceptional performance in terms of low stretch, but with good durability.

ProMAX-99 traveller – the choice of champions and increasingly being used by the worlds best sailors, including Olympic gold and silver medallists!  This is our ‘ultimate’ traveller offering exceptional performance, but at the expense of long-term durability.


Finally, make sure that you are fitting your traveller well.  This video shows European champion Micky Beckett explaining how to do it.

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Micky Beckett has been selected to represent Great Britain at the Paris 2024 Olympics.  Sponsored by Southeast Sailboats since 2016, this selection is a fantastic achievement for Micky, off the back of some truly impressive performances in 2023.  Selection for the the Women's is still open and our other Team GBR sponsored sailor Matilda Nicholls is still in the running.
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Congratulations to Thailand’s Weka Bhanubandh on an impressive win at the ILCA4 World Championships. Southeast Sailboats is proud to have supplied the custom set of rigging that Weka used for the event!
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Chartering an ILCA for your next event and unsure what you need to take?  I have put together the following to help remind you what you may need to take.  Charter boats may come with more than we are assuming, but in recent years what comes on/with your charter boat seems to be reducing so we have erred on the cautious side.  Let’s start with the obvious and then move bow to stern over all the smaller bits that you may forget to pack, and finish up with a few spares that you should consider.

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A great write up by Southeast Sailboats sponsored sailor Matilda Nicholls on her first major events of 2023.

After a long winter of training, I was really excited for the first major events of the season to begin. It’s only my second year competing in these major Senior competitions since moving out of the youth fleets which made me even more excited to head back to Palma for the first competition, the Princess Sofia Regatta. It was also great to see so many familiar faces again with this being the first competition of the year where all the Olympic classes compete at the same venue.

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A great write up by Southeast Sailboats sponsored sailor Micky Beckett on his first major events of 2023..

Palma World Cup and Hyeres Olympic week

Palma World Cup is normally the first highly anticipated regatta of the year, the first real occasion to put the winter’s training to the test and it is an event that indicates the competitive season has begun. Except this year it wasn’t the first event. Most competitors arrived directly from the ILCA Europeans in Andorra, Italy. The other Brits and I chose not to attend in favour of doing some additional training in Palma, from the outside it appeared to be a turbulent regatta with exceptionally long days on the water.

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Southeast Sailboats may be based in the UK, but for years we have been providing our custom rigging solutions to sailors worldwide.  Southeast Sailboats is therefore excited to add Chapman Petersen as a sponsored sailor.  At just 19, Chapman is now part of the US Sailing Team and will represent the USA at both the Pan American Games and the Olympic Test Event in 2023.

Chapman studies Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University.  Southeast Sailboats has been working with Chapman since 2018, providing custom rigging solutions to his exacting needs. 

Chapman joins Matilda Nicholls, Micky Beckett and Jon Emmett as sailors sponsored by Southeast Sailboats. Welcome to the team, Chapman!

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It's back to back wins for Micky Beckett at the Princess Sofia Regatta in Palma, Majorca.  Sponsored by Southeast Sailboats since 2016, Micky Beckett helps develop and test our world class control line systems for the ILCA.
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Your kicker/vang is arguably the most important of the three control line systems.  So, how do you improve its performance so that its that much easier to use?

Lets start simple!  If the small black fairlead behind the cleat has a groove on either side instead of a nice shiny surface it is acting more like a mini cleat than a fairlead, and every time you pull on or release your kicker whilst hiking (when the line is being pulled at an angle to the centreline) you will be wearing both the fairlead and your control line even more.  So, upgrade step #1 is 

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